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Family activities cancun

Family activities

Cancun is not only the perfect holiday destination for couples and newly married ones alone, but families and children as well. Beneath the Zen spas, nightclubs, and bars, there is a whole fantasy world for children in which they have fun ad enjoy the most. Even children get absolutely mentally drained by school work and the issues they maybe have to deal with at times so a good fun vacation made just for them is in fact quite important so they get energetic and feel utterly happy again. It definitely is the best way for kids to be thankful for the happiness their parents are providing. Lots of parents have confessed that holidaying with their kids have definitely brought them closer to each other, of course.

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Beaches Cancun


The beaches of Cancun, known locally as "Playas", are among the most prominent attractions in the city, as most resorts provide direct access to the beach with spectacular views of the sparklingly clear waters, and perhaps the most famous utterly have to be: de las Perlas, Juventud, Linda, Langusta, Tortugas, Caracol and Chak Mall, some of which are located next to Cancun's Boulevard and Paseo Coculcan along the way from the city limits.

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Spa around Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Spa around

Nothing is better than a good hour or two at the spa after a very long month. Cancun’s spas are so very highly relaxing as they dedicate their professional and high-quality services to their clients, and eventually end up with the best reviews that can get them more clients and so on! The choice of whether to have an expensive treatment or an economic one is always available and literally anywhere, as there are a lots of various services that can be offered to tourists any time, at any spa!

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The Chichen Itza Pyramid cancun

Cultural fun

It is a prominent fact that Cancun is a place of great culture. Noting hat the are was originally a birthplace of the Mayan civilizations which makes it a place of high and great importance and attractive sight. People who are interested in cultures and history should absolutely make Cancun one of their very first choices to discover.

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Casinos around Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Casinos around

Most of the hotels in Cancun have casinos, if not all. They are in fact a highly new addition to the city alongside with the activities that can make your Cancun travel experience the best one ever! Casinos in Cancun have huge sections of new slot machines, amazing food and drinks, and the atmosphere you are certainly looking for. Note that every hotel in Cancun has a casino and offers amazing gambling skills, alongside with marvellous food that all of the tourists have irrevocably fell in love with. Once you check their reviews, it is nothing but absolutely good and so very highly recommended and that, of course, is what other tourists absolutely love to see and witness.

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Nightlife - Hyatt Ziva Cancun


Well, if you are a fan of partying and drinking all night then Cancun bars and nightclubs are most definitely the place for you. Nightlife in Cancun is in fact so very safe so you would not have to worry as security is always available. Touristic places often do get extra caution and security. Cancun is actually voted to have a perfect Friday night atmosphere especially during summer time.

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Attractions around the Hyatt Ziva Cancun

When it comes to the Hyatt Ziva resort in Cancun, there are various of things to do around and that, of course, makes your vacation even better. Alongside staying in the most amazing resort ever, you will also get to discover the city around, meet the locals, and most definitely make lots and lots of memories.

In this article, we are going to take a look a the most famous and common attractions around the Hyatt Ziva resort, and things you can utterly do!


Cultural fun:

Historical monuments and museums in the area of the Hyatt Ziva are best known for their antiquity and cultural richness which makes your vacation educational as well! Surprisingly, family vacations aims to tour Cancun’s attractions for the best fun experience possible. 


  - Unique museums:

The underwater museum is a marvellous experience that you need to include in your travel bucket list and eventually check out! ‘MUSA’ or ‘Museo Subacuático de Arte’ allows you to scuba dive... into a museum! See how incredible! The museum has nothing but excellent reviews from all tourists who had been there.


  - Highly important historical ruins:

Cancun’s most famous sightseeing has to be the Chichen Itza Mayan Pyramid that utterly ought to be discovered when in Cancun. The drive from Hyatt Ziva to Chichen Itza is in fact a bit long but absolutely worth it. Approximately a 2-hour drive to get to the most famous archaeological ruins ever found in the history of man kind. The resort of Hyatt Ziva itself provides private tours among incredible family entertainment activities that are an absolute must to try, so getting there safely is nothing to worry about.The Chichen Itza Tour Prices vary according to the number of people going and it starts from $345 per three persons.


Zen spa:

The spa service around the Hyatt Ziva has to be the most trust-worthy and calming experience to ever try. Facing the gently relaxing sea view, you get the very best massage treatments and many more.


  - Holistic Spa:

Probably one of he most famous ones which you ought to try. Although COVID is making it hard for some spas to casually offer services for its clients, this spa remains open with extra cautions and sanitary measures that guarantee the client’s relaxation and satisfaction. It also offers a variety of services aside from massages such as facials, manicures and pedicures, make-up, body treatments, hairstyles, and haircuts. All therapists at this spa are actually certified, so very highly qualified, and professional. They are in service to fully pamper you!


  - The Gem Spa:

Absolutely one of a kind. The very largest spa in Cancun’s Hotel Zone and around the Hyatt Ziva resort. With its gemstone-centred treatments, this place remains everyone’s favourite. The stones’ healing powers are what therapists mainly praise including a quartz crystal chakra-balancing massage that takes you beyond the aura of relaxation. If you are a spiritual person or interested in spiritual healing, then this Zen spa is the absolute best choice for you.


Dreamy beaches:

No one is able to deny the beauty of Cancun’s beaches in the hotels’ area, and near the Hyatt Ziva resort to be exact.


 - Playa Delfines beach :

This beach has to be the safest and all times favourite beach for both locals and tourists. Coming to this mesmerising beach, you would not have to bring chairs and parasols as they already exist in it, as well as no worries about parking your car for money because it is absolutely for free. The Playa Delfines is in fact an unforgettable experience due to its atmosphere, gentle aura, and relaxing view.


  - Xcacel beach :

Pretty much the same vibe as the Playa Delfines beach. Also, if you love sea turtles, then this beach is definitely for you. From month April to October, many sea turtles make their seaward journey to nest on the Xcacel beach. By the way, nothing is cuter than baby sea turtles so you will perfectly love it!

This beach also has restrooms and showers so do bring towels and clothes with you if you want! In order to respect the beach’s policy, avoid using chemical lotions and sunscreens to keep the turtles safe.


  Family activities:

Water activities has to be kids’ favourite activities on a typical summer day. That is why the Hotel Zone in Cancun offers a variety of children-friendly services that are a total blast and for a very affordable price!


  - Captain Hook Pirate Cruise :

I bet all children know captain Hook, in fact, who doesn’t? The Captain Hook Pirate Cruise is an ultimately fun experience that your children must have. The ship sails daily at 7p.m and offers a variety of fun activities, contests and lots of music. It is also accompanied with a dinner buffet.


  - Dolphins Discovery:

Did you know that you are allowed to swim with dolphins in Cancun’s dolphins’ centres around the hotel area? Yes, literally! The cutest sea creatures welcome humans whole-heartedly. Dolphins Discovery guarantee that you enjoy the experience of a lifetime. You are even allowed to book online for very reasonable prices. Children are also allowed in the area as long as they are under parental consent.


Night life and bars:

The Hyatt Ziva resort itself offers lots and lots and high-class bars and nightclubs. They also exist around the resort if you are interested in touring and discovering the area which many of us aims too obviously! Bars and nightclubs around the Hyatt Ziva hotel are known for their affordable prices, fun and unforgettable times, and most definitely new friends!


- Dady ‘O Nightclub :

A typical icon of Cancun’s night life. This nightclub is located in the centre of the hotel area which remains the easiest access for the Hyatt Ziva residents. Music in this club is in fact a whole mash-up of classic and Hip-Hop ones.

The club also has around 6 bars within itself. Also, sometimes it offers free drinks especially at certain events. With that being said, if you are a huge fan of nightlife, Dady ‘O is a must to try, and of course you would not regret it!


- The Hunter Bar :

It is said that ‘every night in Cancun is a Friday night’ and this bar is an ultimate proof of this saying. The Hunter bar offers a variety of services besides drinking and dining in which are great DJs, friendly bar waiters, and excellently fun vibes.



As the Hyatt Ziva resort lacks a casino, there are a plenty just around it. So, you will get the full privileged tourist experience because obviously everything is available around the Hyatt Ziva hotel.


- The Dubai Palace Casino Cancun :

A typical tourist friendly casino that offers lots and lots of privileges and with a bilingual staff as well! This casino also has numerous of positive ratings which builds a stronger trust to new clients. The Dubai Palace casino also offers great food that lots of tourists have enjoyed!


There are various of fun activities and things to around the Hyatt Ziva resort in Cancun and that, typically, makes it a perfect holidaying destination in order to relax and find your peace. Spa treatments, mesmerising beach, and family activities at The Hotels Zone. Do not hesitate to give it a try. Most of the services provided are in fact quite affordable so you would not have to worry about the expenses. Also, keep in mind that some services are unavailable at the moment due to the pandemic so do precisely check well before booking. Happy holidays!