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Easy access  - Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Easy access

Every disabled person is always in the need for quick and easy access to anywhere they go. To make the experience memorable and comfortable for a disabled, The Hyatt Ziva Cancun provides their guests with valet parking and instant wheelchair accessibility.

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Elevators - Hyatt Ziva Cancun


A disabled person can feel a lot of problems when using stairs. Best solution for it is an elevator. When it comes to the essentials of a disability elevator, it is compulsory that they are wheelchair accessible. If the elevators are not large enough to comfortably fit a wheelchair inside that can’t be considered as disability friendly.

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room services - Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Special staff along with 24-hour room services

It’s very important and vital to ensure that you’re actively recruiting and supporting your disabled guests. Staff training is therefore a major component of enhancing the accessibility in the hotel Hyatt Ziva Cancun’s. The special staff provided by The Resort, who have great experience in managing the disabled, never feel daunted or demoralized while doing their work. 24-hour room service means that special staff for the disabled is ready to provide every requirement at any time of the day or night, so that a disabled might not feel nonspecific.

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Wheelchairs - Hyatt Ziva Cancun


The first question that appeared in the mind of a disabled is, whether the hotel/resort in which they are going to stay is wheelchair accessible? The Hyatt Ziva Cancun Resort is wheelchair accessible. The resort provides, proper and appropriate wheelchairs to their disabled guests, that benefits the physical health of the users by helping in limiting their problems such as improve respiration, deformity progression and pressure sores.

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Special bathrooms - Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Special bathrooms with grab rails and roll-in shower

The Hyatt Ziva Cancun facilitates their disabled guests with special bathrooms. Special bathrooms include, grab rails and roll-in showers. The bathrooms are also wheelchair accessible, to make it easier to enter the bathroom for a person with disability.

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Ramps - Hyatt Ziva Cancun


An elevator is not everywhere, especially where there are 3-4 steps to the entrance in a lobby or during exiting parking. A person with disability in a wheelchair can have a tough time there, but The Hyatt Ziva Cancun promisingly takes care of their disabled guests, arranged ramps. That not only helps in reducing the tension factor for resort’s, staff but also for the disabled family members. Ramps provided by the resort are strong and capable to support heavy weights. With the help of a ramp, a disabled person can easily, can cross the stairs.

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An all-inclusive family Resort

Disabled individuals experience a great deal of difficulties, which incorporates blocked off actual climate, absence of important assistive innovation, antagonistic perspectives of individuals towards incapacity and administrations that are nonexistent. The principle point of disabled individuals is to locate the best accommodation for themselves. There is a great deal of lodgings in Hyatt Ziva Cancun Resort that are holding back to give an exceptionally warm greeting to their impaired visitors, giving all offices to make their voyaging and work lighthearted. Arrangement includes wheelchair, moving shower, snatch bar and endorsement towards their visitors.


Sumptuous Location

An extra ordinary all-inclusive beachfront resort on the most fascinating strip of Punta Cancun, framed by the Caribbean Sea, Hyatt Ziva Cancun is a fun-loving family escape on Mexico’s Yucatan Coast. Experience the Darwinism all-inclusive luxury, where you are influenced to live in the moment. Luxurious suites with balconies and breathtaking ocean views are waiting for you to come and relax.


Facilities for Disabled

Handicapped room and wheelchair availability, makes Hyatt Ziva Cancun accessible for disabled. Handicapped room makes it easier for disabled to enter and leave the room when they are in a wheelchair because of its wider doorways. They are offering ground floor suites that are fully equipped and ready for guests with special physical needs, to make them enjoy and feel the royalty.

Roll in showers and washrooms with grab bars is also functional, so that disabled or elderly people have better bathroom accessibility and could live independently. With technical aids and equipment, Hyatt Ziva Cancun resort can provide emergency treatment too. A personal assistant on special demand can also be provided so that a disabled might not feel tensed.


Mental health is important

Sitting in the room can make a disabled suffer mentally, to make sure that they don’t feel it that way, the inside of a corridor is wheelchair suitable, so that a disabled guest can roam freely with the help of a wheelchair. The Hyatt Ziva Cancun resort provides an Automated door opening that makes it easier for a disabled to roam.

With the help of all necessary facilities that are provided by the resort and with all the trained staff that should interact well with disabled, Hyatt Ziva Cancun’s staff is ready to welcome

1-People in a wheelchair; 2- People who face difficulties with independent potency without the need of supplementary devices; such as a walker or crutches; 3- Elderly people; 4- Visually impaired; 5- People suffering from asthma or arthritis; 6- Pregnant women



The resort provides safe and reliable lifts for disabled people. Every disabled appreciate the updated freedom and quality of life, and the lifts make a crucial contribution to one’s dignity. The lifts for disabled comply with all the applicable regulation to ensure proper protection for them. A wider size of the lift inside The Hyatt Ziva Cancun resort makes it much simpler and easier for a disabled, in a wheelchair to enter it or to exit it. The above provided hotels in Dubai are more likely to be wheelchair accessible and offer rooms with roll-in showers, grab bars and other accessibility features as compare to the other world.

The Hyatt Ziva Cancun Resort is more likely to be better in providing wheelchair facility with ramps and offer rooms with roll-in showers, grab bars and other accessibility features as compare to the other resorts.