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The Hyatt Ziva resort in Cancun is one of the most privileged and tranquil hotel ever founded in Cancun, Mexico. It attracts millions of international tourists yearly for its marvellous location, natural beauty surrounding it, and high-rated services. In this short guide, we are going to take a look at various actual reviews from tourists on the service provided to the residents at the Hyatt Ziva resort in Cancun.


‘Safe Parking lot. Friendly workers. Great parking service.’

Felt kinda nervous about having to leave my car alone but the parking service was absolutely stunning and cleared out all of my worries. They also made sure to keep my car in good conditions.


  ‘Clean place. Totally safe and sanitized as well.’

The hotel smelled so great and was clean all of the time which immediately made me feel safe and free from worries about catching the virus. There was sanitizers everywhere.


‘Tasty food. Best cooking chefs. Excellent choice of nightly meals.’

Absolutely exceeded expectation. The food was super delicious and I enjoyed it so much. The restaurants are also super clean and sanitized. The staff wear maks and are taking good cautions. Excellent job.


 ‘Marvellously Punctual Airport Transfer.’

Did not have to worry about finding transport when landing in Cancun as I had already confirmed my transfer at the concierge desk day before. Excellent service. The driver was so friendly and spoke English as well.


  ‘Best resort ever. Marvellous location. Vacation well-spent.’

  This was hands down the best resort I have ever been to. The food was simply amazing, the staff was out of this world, so friendly and provided us with the best vacation I could ever ask for! Thank you Hyatt Ziva!


‘Calm place during the day. Amazing pool bar. Best hotel in Cancun.’

Staying in this resort had me so excited to wake up each morning during my stay in order to enjoy both the sea and the swimming pool. The staff is so friendly and there for any help needed. The pool bar offers a variety of drinks. It was worth it so much to stay in here!

  The Hyatt Ziva hotel is favoured by 92% our of all tourists, and that is pretty much due to its excellent services and team of workers who are going forward with this resort’s international reputation.


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