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Facing the blue sky and sea, The Hyatt Ziva resort offers Zen spa services to its residents absolutely whenever needed. One thing to absolutely admire is the fact that the resort itself offers spectacular spa services so you wouldn’t have to seek for it outside of the resort. In this guide, we will take a brief look at the reviews of the Zen spa services at Cancun’s Hyatt Ziva hotel.


‘Amazing time. Great spot. Covid safe.’

It was nice to get away and still feel safe. Amazing staff. I really enjoy when resorts are not packed and that was the case. Appreciate the kindness and simple details they pay attention to. Thank you for Marie, Ivan, Eduardo, Reynolds for the outstanding service.


  ‘Such a dreamy spa experience. Worth all the time. Friendly staff.’

Azucena and Leticia were wonderful massage therapists. We so enjoyed the spa and our massages so very much and are absolutely willing to have them again. I loved the peaceful environment and they made me feel so relaxed.


  ‘A lovely experience. Spa was offered to my kids as well. Highly recommend it.’

I took my eight and ten year olds to the spa as a special treat and it was simply beyond awesome. They got a 25 minutes kid massages followed by chocolate facials, while I did a 50 minutes massage. What a treat to do this as a family. So very grateful for the welcoming and friendly staff as well.


  ‘The most generous and friendliest spa staff ever. Felt so peaceful.’

The spa amenities were literally the best I have ever been to, and it was probably due to Leticia and Adriana who helped make my spa day the most relaxing day I have ever had in my life. The cucumber slices for our eyes, warm neck towel, and complimentary melon juice made my experience a fantasy.


  Cancun’s Hyatt Ziva makes sure to provide its residents the most relaxing Zen spa experience ever. Both the generous staff and the amazing services provided are what the resort prioritize for a blissful spa experience.


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