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It is a prominent fact that Cancun is a place of great culture. Noting hat the are was originally a birthplace of the Mayan civilizations which makes it a place of high and great importance and attractive sight. People who are interested in cultures and history should absolutely make Cancun one of their very first choices to discover.

One of the very most highlighted historical and cultural sights in Cancun have to be both the Mayan Pyramid and the Underwater museum.


* The Chichen Itza Pyramid

is the basis of the Mayan civilization like already said before. It is a very well preserved ancient city that has been existing in Cancun for many years. Surprising fact, The Chichen Itza Pyramid is one of the new seven wonders that obviously attract millions of tourists yearly. Going to the Chichen Itza pyramid is in fact easily accessible regardless of where you are in Cancun. There is both public and private transport, as well as special tours offered by whether travel agencies or resorts and hotels to both the locals and tourists. Even, if you do ask the locals for a showcasing tour they wouldn’t say no as Cancun people are known for their hospitality and good manners. This attraction is really ideal for vacationers at the Hyatt Ziva Cancun Hotel.


- The Underwater museum:

Secondly this sight in a non-profit organization that allows people to dive underwater and have an amazing museum-wandering experience like literally never before. The Underwater museum in Cancun was firstly established at the beginning of year 2008, has almost 500 sculptures, and receives 200.000 of visitors a year from each and every part of the world. The museum is also considered an ultimate protection of the artificial reefs that the ships have left behind, it is also among the sustainable development goals: to preserve the oceans and benefit from them in the healthiest and most ethical ways possible. This is also an option for Attractions around the hotel Hyatt Ziva Cancun.


Having the promised and well-deserved cultural experience while in Cancun will have you feeling so happy the second you get there. As well all know, no harm ever comes from knowledge in our travels.


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