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Bar Options at Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Bar Options at

The bar is famous for its homemade craft brewery that serves the customer on all days and has special flavors on offer during festivals. The upscale beer is famous for its enthusiasm, flavors, and traditional brewing technique. There is a microbrew pub that serves Medias (325 ml) and has the facility of quick snacks to give the best match to beer. The dress code is not very formal. For me smart casual dress and women require to wear sandals, however, no sleeveless shirt is allowed.

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Nightlife at Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Nightlife at

The Hyatt Ziva Cancun does not have a dedicated nightclub, but still it has several fun activities planned for the night. The hotel serves almost every category of clientele whether they been fun seeker or solitude lovers, and it has best the services on offer to all such classes.

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Jauna Margarita - Tequila Bar:

To Jauna Margarita there is a tequila bar that is decorated in the perfect way to depict the true Mexican culture and the quality is best in town as the optimum percent of blue Weber agave spirit is chosen. Both tahona and industrial crushed agave options are available from numerous growing regions of the country. There are many mixtos options available if the clients are looking for more chilling hangovers. Typically the tequila is served without ice as this makes it more appealing. The dress code is smart casual with no sleeveless shirts for men and for the women sandals are mandatory.


The Sasil Bar

The Sasil Bar is a mixed-drinks bar of all types that is inspired by Mayan heritage. The bar is facing the ocean where clients can drink at comforting sofas or patio chairs. The best thing about the bar is that the dress code is smart casual and drinks are served at the ideal temperature. A personalized cocktailing option gives a new experience to visitors and the bar has an almost perfect score on food and quality of the beverages they serve. All the drinks are thoroughly genuine and featuring local as well as proven ingredients. The Bar has an ideal selection of wine, seasonal juices, and freshly prepared cocktails.


Swim-up bar (Sips and Dips)

The bar is installed at an ideal location for the clients and shallow areas between 28 to 44 inches of water. Swimmers are submerged in their correct sense, having access to chairs and a cooking area. In the pool attire, visitors will have the opulence of enjoying the natural view, sun, breeze, and drinks in pool attire. A more elite service is available at the Bar Del Mar with a sumptuous menu of snacks.


Nightlife at Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Hyatt Ziva Cancun does not have a dedicated night club but still, the nightlife is awe-inspiring and classy to fun loving visitors.


Dance Parties

The parties can get extremely entertaining and once stepped into dance, it would be difficult to get out as the music is extraordinary and they have a decent-sized dance floor. Alongside cool entertainers does a wide range of aerobatic exhibition on the sport certainly make the moment more enjoyable to watch. They have the privilege of an incredible sound framework, lighting, and gathering artificial smoke. They have several services for revelers and almost every age group is welcomed at different slots.


Options for Fun Seekers

Similarly, couples have the luxury to be a part of a couple of night parties, neon parties, and rooftop parties. At the Turquoises and other pools, foam parties are usual norms at the night with a dedicated DJ and music. The lobby bar serves nocturnal clients till midnight and there is 24 hours lounge, and The menu of the hotel changes with time.


Sober Nightlife

A huge number of visitors to the hotel does not support late-night parties and fun, therefore, it is known as the best family-friendly option.  However, the hotel has dedicated spaces and slots for partying all night. Classy parties are also arranged at the hotel rooftop at night for the people having more sober choices.