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  The Hyatt Ziva hotel in Cancun is an absolute dreamy destination for pleasing vacations and holidays. It is typically a perfect experience for newly married couples and that is due to the marvellous privileges this resort offers.

  Many of us have lots of questions about the Hyatt Ziva resorts which is why, in this very article, we are going to answer the common questions that you might have! So have a good look and hopefully, all your probes will be cleared out! 

This short guide offers a total of 10 questions.

  Question #1 : I have kids so I am wondering if the resort is babies/kids friendly. Is it?

Answer: Absolutely, that is for sure! The Hyatt Ziva resort is absolutely a family resort and totally safe for children. There is even the service of babysitting whenever needed.


  Question #2 : Is tap water advisable to drink?

Answer: No not really. The hotel itself offers filtered and bottled water at all times and does not in fact recommend to drink faucet/tap water in order to maintain good health.


  Question # 3 : Are pets allowed at the Hyatt Ziva Cancun resort?

 Answer: Unfortunately, no. That is due to the resort’s policy.


  Question # 4 : I do not intend to stay for a long time so does the resort offer day passes?
Answer : Yes, it absolutely does! With the following pricing schedule:

- Day Pass: US $105 

- Night Pass: US $105  

- Full Pass: US $180 


  Question # 5 : Is there a room service?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. A 24-hour service. Liquor service is also available whoever just from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.  


  Question # 6 : Are there any restaurants working till late night?

Answer : Restaurants at the Hyatt Ziva usually close at 10:30 pm and 11:00 pm.


  Question # 7 : Does the Hyatt Ziva resort have pool bars?

Answer : Yes, indeed! The resort offers a privileged pool bar service with a variety of liquors.


  Question # 8 : What is the concierge service and does the Hyatt Ziva resort provides it?

Answer : Yes, it does indeed exist in the resort. The concierge desk will be your first point of contact for any questions that you may have. Concierges also offer assistance in coordinating on-site and off-site services. The resort’s concierge desk is usually available from 7:00am to 11:00pm.


  Question # 9 : When interested in doing some shopping, are there any malls nearby?

Answer : Yes, definitely. There are a plenty of shopping destinations just few minutes away from Cancun resort.


  Question # 10 : Are there any sort of age requirements for getting into the bars or restaurants on the property?

Answer : Yes, obviously you must be 18 years and older to enter the resort’s bars. La Bastille is also an adults-only restaurant as well as the Tres Cervezas.


Hopefully, these questions did clear out some doubts about the Cancun Hyatt Ziva resort.