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For our teen guests only, the MOODS lounge is an immersive room! Step into a simulated reality in the daytime and sip sparkling water at night in the living room. There is a special teen-only location in the resort to hang out and interact socially.

Moods Lounge and Club

This can be an awesome experience when the children grew up a lot and you're traveling with teenagers. They are mature and willing to get more matured stuff to enjoy. They can also enjoy better facilities, such as all-inclusive resorts. But, for their dream break, everybody likes various things and has various ideas in mind. A perfect method to guarantee everybody has an unforgettable, enjoyable, and enjoyable time outdoors is to stay at a Hyatt Ziva Canun’s @Mood resort that caters to the whole community, even teenagers.


      Our particularly unique karaoke cocktail, the iconic Jack Daniels whisky beverage Sweet amaretto liqueur, a splash of apple juice and cherry juice. The seasoning, finalized with a lime wedge, will end up making your night of singing enthralling. Who wouldn't want a great time with a DJ gin and tonic, our specialized variety of with new cranberry and lime, orange juice? Hyatt Ziva Canun’s Mood activity will give you some special juice filled with gum syrup in this choice.

Dance Club

Get the bravery of your to deflect prepared and sing with both the DJ! Teenagers can try out our augmented reality systems throughout the day and can dance during the night with karaoke and mocktails as Moods turns into the greatest dance club.

Moods will run outside till further notification for your protection and sufficient social distance. Spending quality time outside in the clean air will work well to boost your mood and control your emotions, alleviate feelings of stress or depression, and help you feel more comfortable, such as in the local open resort.


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