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Bus Transportation

Hyatt Ziva Cancun is a hotel, located 23.5 km to 30 km from Cancun International Airport. It provides two ways, private or shared transport if you want to know to get from Cancun Airport to Hyatt Ziva Cancun. It provides Hyatt Ziva Cancun with the easiest and fastest transportation.

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Taxis Services - Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Taxis Services

Located at the ideal location, the hotel is not very far from the city center. It is accessible by almost every mode of transportation and the hotel has extensive parking with valet services. The self and valet parking are complimentary with a stay in the hotel. However, for visitors having no conveyance in the city, the taxi options to and from Hyatt Ziva Cancun are also numerous.

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Public Transportation Coming to Hyatt Ziva Cancun Hotel


Hyatt Ziva Cancun hotel is located 23.5 km away from Cancun International Airport. When traveling to Hyatt Ziva Cancun Hotel, you can have different transfer options without any obstacles or unconvincing. There are options to come to this hotel on the cheapest budget by using public transportation. You will be happy to know that public transportation in Cancun is very safe and secure for passengers.

So if you are a traveler and want to come to Hyatt Ziva Cancun hotel by public transportation, then this article is a complete guide for you. Keep reading this article to know about the public transports coming to Hyatt Ziva Hotel.


Public Bus

Public buses are the best transports for the guests coming to Hyatt Ziva Cancun Hotel. Travelers can easily move around by using public buses at a low cost. Some public bus lines come to the hotel zone of Cancun. But Great Neck is the closest station to the Hyatt Ziva Cancun. N20G, N20H, N25 bus lines stop near the hotel. You only need a 4 or 5 minute walk time from the station to Hyatt Ziva Hotel. Besides, there are Great Neck St/ south and North stations near the Ziva hotel. From Cancun airport to the Ziva hotel via buses cost $4 to $10. The journey from the airport to the hotel takes approximately an hour plus.  Isn't it the cheapest and easiest way to come to Hyatt Ziva Hotel?


Shared Shuttle

Sharing a van with other people who are coming to the Cancun hotel zone is a good option with quality services. Those who are not comfortable on a bus journey can easily hire a shared van. It's a money savior way as well as comfortable for travelers. You can have this service for 12 hours per day. Shared shuttles that run to the Cancun hotel zone are available from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Shuttle services cost $7 to $15, and the journey takes almost 22 minute from Cancun airport.


Taxi Cab

Taxicab journeys are always reliable and enjoyable in Cancun. You can easily hire a taxi cab for your whole family or friends. A taxi cab will transfer you to Hyatt Ziva Cancun Hotel from anywhere without any hassle. On-time pickup and 24 hours services are available from taxi cabs. Taxi drivers will make you feel like the locals throughout the whole journey. The journey from the airport to Hyatt Ziva resort may take 22 minutes.  And it will cost $25 to $31.  


Train or Subway

You can also have a train or subway journey while getting to Hyatt Ziva Cancun. Port Washington Train lines stop near the Hyatt Ziva. You can also reach Hyatt Ziva from Cancun airport via train. The train will be one of the quickest options to reach the Hyatt Ziva Cancun Hotel. Besides, there are subway options that come to the hotel.  


Those public transportations are the best options for you if you are looking to save money. Happy Journey!