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The beaches of Cancun, known locally as "Playas", are among the most prominent attractions in the city, as most resorts provide direct access to the beach with spectacular views of the sparklingly clear waters, and perhaps the most famous utterly have to be: de las Perlas, Juventud, Linda, Langusta, Tortugas, Caracol and Chak Mall, some of which are located next to Cancun's Boulevard and Paseo Coculcan along the way from the city limits.


- Playa Chac Mool :

Just seeing the beach’s pictures alone, it will automatically have you desiring of booking your flight right now! This white-sand beache attract millions of international tourists yearly. That is due to the vigorous atmosphere, the calmness that you have been searching for, and of course, the clean and breezy environment that promises ultimate satisfaction and amazing tanning that would you not have to pay ridiculously expensive money for!

  This beach is surrounded by lots of hotels including Hampton Inn, Moon Palace, and Hotel Blue Star which is favoured by many for its minimalist beauty. And quite close to the hotel Hyatt Ziva Cancun.


  - Playa Norte Isla Mujeres:

You have probably seen this beach on many wallpapers before. The Playa Norte Isla Mujere sBeach in is a top rated beach in Cancun due to the privileges it provides. It is for absolutely free to swim in it, totally rocks-free, and lined with endless of restaurants and hotels such as Ixachel Beach Hotel (only 50metres away), Na Balam Hotel, however the Ixachel hotel remains the cloest. The beach also offers a variety of services including massage treatment facing the mesmerising view by certified specialists. This beach is really ideal for vacationers in the area and looking for Attractions around the hotel Hyatt Ziva Cancun


  - Playa Maroma:

Only a 34 minutes drive from Cancun’s international airport; this beach is beyond beautiful and so well known for its surrounding as there is absolutely everything to do around it. There is also a beach club in the beach itself and endless of hotels surrounding it such as the Catalonia Playa Maroma.


  Beaches in Cancun are simply heavenly and the services around them are even better. In order to have the most exotic and calming experience, Cancun’s beaches are a total must!


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