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The Sauna Spas at the Hyatt Zen Cancun reflects truly Finnish styled rather than the modern infrared saunas. These reflect the traditional Sauna experience by offering a truly luxurious experience to the visitors. The temperature of it is high and this gives the individuals as well as a couple the liberty to take a deeper breath. The ambiance of the sauna is kept a bit dark so that the visitors find time to take a deeper look into their souls and enjoy the moment they are living.

Specialties of the Suana Spas

The Sauna Spas are an amalgamation of traditional bathing tactics with modern technology which has amazing health benefits as it helps reduce the chance of cardiac arrest normalizes blood temperature, reduces risks health risks of pneumonia, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.



The Suana is designed in a way to adjust people of all age groups, however, most of the visitors are from 30 to 50 years and extremely old age clientele is also entertained after a quick consultancy. Saunas are spacious and there are Saunas available having different capacity slots and clientele.


Restrictions and Privacy

Though there are minimal restrictions in place for using the Sauna, still clients will have to go through the manuals related to privacy and community expectations. There are assigned naked zone in the sauna and not visitors cannot go outside without having a proper towel wrapped around their bodies.


Timing and Extra Services

The staff present are trained and there are muscular guards to protect clients who ready to help without extra payment. A hot tub is also added to the rooftop in case someone wants to use it. The recommended duration to enjoy the full experience is about two hours and the facility is open through the week from 9 am till 12 pm and on weekends the timing is reduced by 3 hours. The pricing is attuned with the level of services and clients have the liberty to pay online as well as pay on spot.


The Suana spas offer the true quality of services at the best pricing, and the Spa offer discounts to for regular visitors to Hyatt Ziva Cancun and in Spa facilities Hyatt Ziva Cancun through loyalty programs.


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