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The Day Spas present in Hyatt Ziva Cancun give no stay options to visitors and clientele are entertained to have an assortment of personal care treatments, for example, massage, facials, hair, and body deep cleaning and wrapping. There are various services accessible for singles and couples who can benefit from nearby leisure facilities during typical working hours out of their busy schedules, on non-weekend days just as on ends of the week.


Service Details

The Day Spas present of Hyatt Ziva Cancun in the lodging are roomy, extravagant, modern, and private having the facility of a locker room for personal belongings. In any case, there is a sizeable beauty parlor joined with the Day Spa area so guests can avail of extra administrations. Upon additional payments, there are longer day spas and other services including a steam room and Jacuzzi alternative with a complete treatment menu. The ambiance of the spa is fully natural and clients will enjoy deep breath massage with slow music in the background or quiet environment.


Privacy and Protocols

The day spas work on the policy of strict privacy that is applied to both the client and the Hyatt Zen Spa administrators. Clients are restricted to care for the privacy of others and not to use anything illegal. The massage therapists use strict protocols during the massage and so do other service providers. Clients have the liberty to pick either male or female therapists, however, advance booking has more flexible options than on spot booking.


Personal Grooming Facilities

The very basic treatment which almost every client receives is facial, body treatment followed by pedicure and manicure. Swedish massage is usually applied to clients so that their muscles get to relax and their skin softens. All the products used while massaging are organic and of excellent quality. Clients are asked for skin allergies and therapists give free advice to clients to take care of their health.


Clients are advised to book facilities online with an exact description of services as sometimes on spot booking may not be possible.


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