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The Hyatt Ziva Cancun is fundamentally a Spa Hotel that is offering dynamic spa services and treatment for health conscious customers having concern for their wellbeing and fitness. They have a complete spa administration program including normal spa servicing, actual wellness exercises, wellbeing salon, nutrition, and healthcare guidance.


Service as Desired

The Relaxation Spa at the Hotel Ziva Cancun has researched ambiance that provides perfect ambiance and situation for relaxing the mind. It gives the clients a new perspective to escape their worries and burden to go into the work of wellness.


The specialty of Relaxation Spa at Hotel Ziva

Key specialty includes Foot Reflexology with a center around ayurvedic medicines and herbal oily massages. Conventional hot stones are utilized by the therapist to add an extra loosening up feel. The sumptuous spa treatment is explicit with a more significant level of civilities and client assistance. The ideal time duration for desired results is about 2.5 hours excluding the time of arrival


Important Do’s and Don’ts of the Spa

To have the desired services, the client shall arrive well before the time so that this will give plenty of time to relax and late show up will not generate desired results as the therapist may not be able to perform the same massage in a short duration. Arriving half an hour early may help you enjoy the herbal tea that is served at the spa to clients which is like an appetizer in restaurants. It normally begins with the therapists asking about your medical and massaging history along with any specific allergy or weaker points. A quick shower before the servicing is advised at Zen Spa.


The therapists at Zen Spa have handled thousands of clients and their experience will make clients happier. For ultimate relaxation, the use of mobile or reading a book is not recommended, however, a healthy talk with the therapist will help.


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