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Fitness and wellness in the hotel, particularly in the fitness facilities, must be above and beyond the standards of guests. There must be full harmony between a hotel's conventional core sector, leisure, and the value for guests of good sleep, eating healthy, and physical activity.

Health Club

      You should come to our international health club with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea to build up a workout around the globe. By physical activity and enjoyable activities at Caribbean Sea sight to roll your metabolism, our fitness & sports emphasis on healthy living. Non-active activities can cause health issues, particularly as we grow, so it can improve your metabolism, strength, and endurance by pushing yourself and having fun at the same time, whether it's hiking in the outdoor activities or tennis, beach boxing or Kickboxing, serving to remove tension.


            Among the activities at the Hyatt Ziva Cancun Hotel you can also enjoy yoga, Launch the new appliances for aerobic and strength exercise, drive yourself more with the aid of on-site coaches, and begin your day by overlooking the beach yoga with an "OM". Both in the body and mind, yoga aims to create power, consciousness, and peace. Yoga relaxation strategies can alleviate severe pain, such as back pain, depression, headaches, and carpal tunnel.

Fitness Center

            The fitness center runs from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for your protection and adequate social distance (staying out of group contexts, avoiding mass meetings, and keeping distance). You can relax in your leisure time in our exclusive fitness area, and whether you have spent a long day in the city or attended a difficult and challenging conference. Relax on our modern fitness equipment with a hard workout or simply let your thoughts run free as you feel comfortable in Hyatt Ziva Cancun hot tub. This will easily cause even for the most stressful day to slip out of opinion.


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